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Create an Application Package That Invites the Right People (And Repels the Wrong Ones)


Create the Critical First Steps of an Audition Process

  • Learn What Needs to Happen BEFORE Someone Applies!
  • Create an Application that KINDLY Filters Out the Wrong People!
  • Build a Pre-Audition Process to Attract Qualified People—So You Can AVOID an AWKWARD AUDITION!

what's included in This Free Five-Day Challenge...


($49 VALUE)

The Avoid Awkward Auditions Playbook will help you create an application packet that invites the RIGHT people into your audition process and repels the WRONG ones.

The step-by-step roadmap helps you stay the course during this intensive, 5-day creation process.

This is a customizable digital resource that's yours to keep (FREE!) when you join this Challenge.


($99 VALUE)

Each day during the Challenge, you'll get access to a live Zoom-based training. We'll teach you a new step of your application process each day, building on what you created the day before.

Each day the training is about 20-30 minutes. Long enough to get tons of value and how-to instruction. But not so long that it'll eat up your day.

Can't make it live? If you can't make the live session, no worries! Each day will be recorded and available inside the Facebook group!


($199 VALUE)

Not sure you're doing it right? This will help! Got a unique situation? We can talk through it.
  • ​30-minutes of group coaching EACH DAY to tackle "what ifs" and your unique circumstances.
  • ​Ask questions in the moment to get clarification and direction.
  • Can't attend live? Submit your questions ahead of time!


($49 VALUE)

You're a busy leader! Get the work done in RIGHT NOW!
  • Each session is paced to allow time for you to complete most of the work for that day.
  • Built-in space to work on your application packet in the moment.
  • Get feedback on your work in the moment so you have assurance that you're on the right path! 



You'll meet other "leadership-minded" worship leaders who are serious about growing their team THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group that's ONLY for participants in this Challenge.
  • Share Your Work & Get Feedback! You'll get valuable input from other leaders (and share your insight with them!).
  • ​Additional Q&A Inside: Coaches will be inside the group for those five days giving extra help and guidance if you should need it. 


$396+ ONLY $0


What Will You Accomplish Each Day of the Challenge?

Day 1: The Process

As we start creating your application packet documents, we'll talk about WHY this process matters and WHAT it should look like. That will help you learn or create the following:   
  • Early Qualification Process Roadmap—the steps from "I'm Intrigued" to "I'm interested!"
  • ​What You'll TEACH the Prospect—before he/she even applies. 
  • The Funnel Filter​s—the parts of this process to help unqualified people "self-select" OUT. 
  • A Simple Tactic to make saying NO easier when you have to.
  • CRITICAL DOCUMENT: You'll write your own "What to Expect During the Audition Process."   

Day 2: The Standards

When people want to join your worship team, the best gift you can give them is CLARITY. On day two, we'll...
  • ​Clarify Your Standards—determine what your musical and technical standards are.
  • Create a Crucial Funnel Filter​—you'll learn another key element to help people decide for themselves if this is a good fit.
  • Compile a List of Skill Expectations—we'll help you determine what's required for each role or position. 
  • CRITICAL DOCUMENT: You'll write a clear & concise job description for each instrument or position.   

Day 3: Team Culture

Your audition process is both a "protector" and a "builder" of team culture. So on Day Three, we'll...
  • ​Clarify Your Values—determine your BIG 3 values and talk about how the qualification process protects and promotes those.
  • Determine Your Crucial Rules​—you need to communicate expectations to a prospect upfront, but not throw a giant rule book at them.
  • CRITICAL DOCUMENT: You'll write a one-page "Team Member Expectations" document.   

Day 4: The Application

After laying the foundation, we're finally ready to create the tool that sets the qualification process into motion. So on Day Four, we'll determine...
  • ​WHY—Why the worship team application is SOOO critical—even for smaller churches.
  • WHAT​—What should the application ask? What shouldn't it ask?
  • HOW—how this document is the most critical "Funnel Filter" in the early steps of your qualification process.
  • CRITICAL DOCUMENT: You'll create your own Worship Team Application.

Day 5: What's NEXT?

This Challenge is focused on just the first few, critical steps of the qualification process. But we won't leave you hanging!  So on Day Five we'll...
  • ​Teach Practical Tactics—for moving someone from the application to the interview.
  • Discuss "What Ifs"—"What if this person is a clear NO?" or "What if this person has potential, but isn't ready?" and more.
  • Talk About The Rest of the Process—and what you can do to build a healthy qualification process that invites the right people into your team.
  • CRITICAL DOCUMENT: We'll help you write scripts & templates for  follow-up emails and conversations.

When Is The Challenge?

  • Monday - Friday, March 15 - March 19
  • Daily at 3pm ET (Convert for your timezone)
  • Location: Zoom
  • ​​Replays available immediately if you can't make it live!

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warning: the 5-day challenge
is not for everyone...

The process is simple, but it's NOT an easy, quick-fix magic pill. You still have to make time to attend the challenge sessions (or watch the replays) and do the work. AND, it's only available for FIVE DAYS. Why? Because the urgency is part of the GET-IT-DONE value of this event. If you don't participate, it won't give you the process you want.

here's everything you'll get...

  • 5-DAY CHALLENGE PLAYBOOK & AUDITION ROADMAP: Step-by-step implementation to create an application packet.
  • Live Daily Trainings: ​Practical, short, and to-the-point instruction to give you what you need to complete the work each day.
  • ​Group Coaching and Q&A: Get help with your unique situation from coaches who worked with hundreds of different worship ministries.
  • Get-It-Done Sessions: Each daily session is designed and paced so you can complete the work RIGHT NOW. 
  • ​​Exclusive Community of Worship Leaders: You'll meet other "leadership-minded" worship leaders who are serious about growing their team THE RIGHT WAY.


$396+ ONLY $0


Your Coaches for this Challenge!

Jon Nicol, founder of and & Ian Allen, Community Director for Worship Workshop will be with you each day. You can ask them questions and draw from their almost 40 years of combined leadership and church experience.

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This event does NOT cost anything! But you'll still need to commit the time and do the work to see the ministry-changing value!
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Results are not typical, because most leaders don't put in the work. While we can't guarantee results,  we can guarantee that if you show up, we'll show up. We'll be there each day of this Challenge to help get the work done.
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